Tim McFarlane | Executive Chairman, Trafalgar Entertainment Asia Pacific

Torben Brookman | Chief Executive Officer

Jono Perry | General Manager

Damien Hewitt | Marketing Director

Houri Tapiki | Head of Customer Experience

Nick Cook | Technical Manager

Tracy Creasey | Finance Manager

Justin Taudien | Staging Supervisor

Austin Cox | Lighting Supervisor

Vanessa Denis | Ticketing Manager

Zachary Bush | Front of House Manager

Thomas Schmid | Bar & Beverage Manager

Elise Dumpleton | Digital Marketing Coordinator

Matilda Dwyer | Box Office Supervisor

Melody Duan | Box Office Assistant

Nicola Marshall | Box Office Assistant

Aden Abeleda | Box Office Assistant

Kirstie Butler | Box Office Assistant

Katerina Dimitrioska | Administrative Assistant

Theatre Royal Sydney is operated by Trafalgar Entertainment. 

Co-founded by Sir Howard Panter and Dame Rosemary Squire in 2017, Trafalgar Entertainment is a premium international live entertainment business focussed on new productions, the distribution of live-streaming innovative content and the provision of amazing spaces where people can come together to share in the experience of live entertainment. TE is home to Trafalgar Theatre, Theatre Royal Sydney, HQ Theatres and Hospitality, Trafalgar Theatre Productions, Trafalgar Releasing, Stagecoach Performing Arts, London Theatre Direct, Luke Shires Marketing, Jonathan Church Theatre Productions, Chiswick Cinema and More2Screen.